Monday, November 26, 2007

Full Moons and Dragon Footsteps

As little as I care about rhyme based spells, they definitely produce results. I was driving north into the desert, away from what was the northern limits of the Phoenix area, to an area where I had previously experienced some very interesting lights in the heavens. I brought (at the time) a friend along who was interested in my prior experiences, and was eager to see if the event might happen again. This excursion occurred during the full moon of April 1995, and you could see clearly into the desert for at least a hundred yards.
A few weeks prior, I had picked up a copy of Dancing with Dragons, and had familiarized myself with much of the book. I really liked that book at the time, I was trying to absorb all the occult/metaphysical/spiritual information that my mind would handle. Now, not everything in that book resonates with me; but personally, there is definitely some truth in between those pages.
So, we are hanging out in desert, searching the skies for some glimmer of intelligence from somewhere else, and I decided it was time to call on a dragon of the desert. I silently cast a circle, and called to the aether's for an enlightening communication with a Dragon. I gave my thanks and sat in the energy for some amount of minutes, and then something happened. A pair of very, Very heavy footsteps began to make its way audibly out of the desert towards us. I thought that I was hearing things at first, because as I said earlier, you could clearly see into the desert at least a hundred yards in all directions with the full moons illumination, and there was nothing to be seen. My friend chimes in about hearing the footsteps, and we are both scanning the horizon for any sign of coyotes, big cats, horses, cattle, javelina's... anything that called the desert home in order to justify what we were hearing. Well, we couldn't see anything moving, but the gate of this thing sounded as if it were some two legged elephant charging us... so we both kinda freaked out and ran back to the car.
Here's a little side note, my car had been burglarized a couple nights earlier, and I hadn't had the passenger window replaced yet. So my buddy is sitting in the passenger seat without a window and we can still hear the footsteps coming closer. I think he felt really uncomfortable at this point and wanted o get out of there, but I couldn't leave yet. Feeling somewhat safer in the car than outside, I scanned the desert to see what the hell it was that was coming up to us. The footsteps stopped right behind my car , nothing was there but we both heard a scratch on the trunk of the car. At this point I agreed that we should get some distance away, so I pulled forward about ten car lengths; the footsteps came up to the car again and scratched the trunk a second time. Now we were both kind of unnerved and I turned the car Southward and headed back to civilization. When we got back to my apartment, we left the vehicle and investigated the trunk. It turns out that there were two sets of three scratch marks on the trunk! Seriously opened me up to life existing in parallel dimensions, ethereal entities, and magic, regardless of personal preferences-works.

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