Monday, May 5, 2008

Boro, Boro, Boro! First run

After much practice, I am finally getting the hang of flame striking। I rocked these out last night, and was just itching to get them out of the kiln this morning. I actually had an A-HA! moment about making these... I'm very proud.....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Phoenix Lights part Deux

So it looks like another Phoenix UFO sighting gets covered up, and quickly too. Monday, April 21, 2008 right around 8pm, I get a call from a good friend of mine who has 4 UFO's hanging over his neighborhood. This sighting was witnessed by scores, if not hundreds of people.
The moon was quite full that night, so objects were a little easier to discern in the night sky. As described by Riley, there were four crafts shaped like skyscrapers or towers, with bands of horizontal red lights hovering anywhere from 400 to 1000 feet above their neighborhood. These craft were silent, and and did things that no known balloon or vehicle can do. According to eye witnesses, The craft initially couldn't be seen directly. You had to view them indirectly, like trying to see the Pleaides cluster or distant galaxy formations with the naked eye.
The four craft then kind of uncloaked like a Klingon ship. By that I mean that the space around them was very distorted and then they came into view clearly. These objects then moved into different formations: a box, a diamond or arrow, then a triangle. I am told that two of the craft pulsated rapidly and then were gone. The two that were left conjoined somewhat and then started off in an Easterly direction across the valley. The entire sighting lasted from 8 to 15 minutes.
Our local Fox station aired a story later that night, stating that the Phoenix Lights were back again. Now, apparently, an "unidentified man" claims to have sent off flares attached to balloons with fishing wire. Here is the problem with that story: Flares give off a smoke trail, which can be seen for quite a long time after the flares are out. Also, flares don't have enough mass to be mistaken for a physical object, its just a point of light in the night sky.
Now, a supposed witness to the unidentified man, Lino Mailo has come forward saying that he observed his neighbor launching balloons ( Sky Lanterns now, not flares anymore.) from his yard. As far as my searches are concerned there is no public record of any Lino Mailo anywhere to be found except for his mention in this incident.
I feel that the cover up is on, and the media has become the helping hand. Not that this is new, It just frustrates me time and again that the truth has such a hard time coming out to the masses.
So count your lucky stars if you actually happen upon something like this yourself, and believe in your own experiences. Share them with like-minded people, and lets help the vibration of contact grow until it manifests for the whole populace ( in a very groovy way, of course).

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flameworking and Hot Shops

So it seems that flame working is the next step for me. I have some great visions of things to materialize, but am honestly a little lost on seeing the path. I guess that reflection of life is something I can come to terms with. I can put aside the fear of not seeing my future really clearly, and really live the " let God guide me' experience. I am nervous, but I am psyched at the same time. I am going to learn these facets of glass blowing that I really appreciate.
Right now I am going with a Nortel Red Max with a secondary surface mix. I have acquired my work bench, and am deliberating between buying a starter kit of supplies or shopping around for individual pieces. I just found some great flame worked marbles, and am really beginning to have a good collection of bookmarks on the subject.
I am going to focus on three types of projects:
Paperweights and window pieces
& Marbles and centerpieces.
I plan on incorporating dichroic glass in a good number of pieces and working with my three colors as a signature.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Toning hearing Heaven..

A great place to find like minded community in Maryland is the Unity Center in Gaithersburg. My understanding is that it was founded by a Spanish missionary way back in the day. They offer a nice variety of classes and the community seems to vibe with light. I took several classes there, and some experiential classes and workshops, they were all chocked full of experiences, but tonight I am focusing on the Toning Circle.
When I started attending, I had little expectations, and was really open to learning about the meditation technique. The great thing about toning is that it can be very free form-like a drum circle. The energy rises and you sail through great frequencies. Toning allows everyone to connect in like mind and purpose with spirit.
the class leader, we'll call him Tom, had at least 20 years experience with toning (as of 1996), and actually produces multiple tones simultaneously while singing/chanting/toning. The energy that he helps to anchor was really fun to experience. At times I could hear ethereal trumpets playing around us, our own host of angels! Really quite amazing. There was one night in particular where I met this very interesting person who tells me they're a walk-in. Being very curious about the subject, I was very eager to talk with him.
( by the way, I'm no expert on walk-ins, this is just my experience.)
This being could read me like a book, kinda took me off guard because I hadn't talked with anyone in this class about my personal beliefs.
The first words out of his mouth were...Casey, there is something you need to know about's not so much a singular experience to strive for, as it is the path getting there.
This statement then turned into a debate over the experience vs. the path:
Well, the path leads to the singular experience.....yes, but you cant keep looking for the experience and miss the journey to do you know your soul hasn't already experienced ascension, and has come back to help others?........the conversation gets a little foggy from there, but I do believe that there was something special about that encounter.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

What was that?...

Throughout my life, I have had several experiences that I believe involved things not of this Earth. With due diligence, and objectivity, I can dismiss some of them as normal Earthly events, but there are still a good handful of moments that will not accept rational explanations.
I believe that there are 'hot spots' for UFO activity all across the globe, and Arizona is one of them. When I lived in other parts of the country, I started to discount my prior experiences because they weren't happening to me anymore. Within weeks of moving back to the valley, I began to catch oddities in the skies once again.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Full Moons and Dragon Footsteps

As little as I care about rhyme based spells, they definitely produce results. I was driving north into the desert, away from what was the northern limits of the Phoenix area, to an area where I had previously experienced some very interesting lights in the heavens. I brought (at the time) a friend along who was interested in my prior experiences, and was eager to see if the event might happen again. This excursion occurred during the full moon of April 1995, and you could see clearly into the desert for at least a hundred yards.
A few weeks prior, I had picked up a copy of Dancing with Dragons, and had familiarized myself with much of the book. I really liked that book at the time, I was trying to absorb all the occult/metaphysical/spiritual information that my mind would handle. Now, not everything in that book resonates with me; but personally, there is definitely some truth in between those pages.
So, we are hanging out in desert, searching the skies for some glimmer of intelligence from somewhere else, and I decided it was time to call on a dragon of the desert. I silently cast a circle, and called to the aether's for an enlightening communication with a Dragon. I gave my thanks and sat in the energy for some amount of minutes, and then something happened. A pair of very, Very heavy footsteps began to make its way audibly out of the desert towards us. I thought that I was hearing things at first, because as I said earlier, you could clearly see into the desert at least a hundred yards in all directions with the full moons illumination, and there was nothing to be seen. My friend chimes in about hearing the footsteps, and we are both scanning the horizon for any sign of coyotes, big cats, horses, cattle, javelina's... anything that called the desert home in order to justify what we were hearing. Well, we couldn't see anything moving, but the gate of this thing sounded as if it were some two legged elephant charging us... so we both kinda freaked out and ran back to the car.
Here's a little side note, my car had been burglarized a couple nights earlier, and I hadn't had the passenger window replaced yet. So my buddy is sitting in the passenger seat without a window and we can still hear the footsteps coming closer. I think he felt really uncomfortable at this point and wanted o get out of there, but I couldn't leave yet. Feeling somewhat safer in the car than outside, I scanned the desert to see what the hell it was that was coming up to us. The footsteps stopped right behind my car , nothing was there but we both heard a scratch on the trunk of the car. At this point I agreed that we should get some distance away, so I pulled forward about ten car lengths; the footsteps came up to the car again and scratched the trunk a second time. Now we were both kind of unnerved and I turned the car Southward and headed back to civilization. When we got back to my apartment, we left the vehicle and investigated the trunk. It turns out that there were two sets of three scratch marks on the trunk! Seriously opened me up to life existing in parallel dimensions, ethereal entities, and magic, regardless of personal preferences-works.

Welcome to the beginning.....

Well, here at the start I want to lay out the general topics and categories. This will give general directions for travel and choosing your interests.
Presently I am orbiting more than one concept. My areas of interest include ET visitations, paths of enlightenment that include ascension/transcendence, Occult science and working with alternative forms of healing.
At some point I will want to expand on psychic abilities, dimensional shifts, and of course some good old end time scenarios.
May this work spark some light in all who travel here.....