Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flameworking and Hot Shops

So it seems that flame working is the next step for me. I have some great visions of things to materialize, but am honestly a little lost on seeing the path. I guess that reflection of life is something I can come to terms with. I can put aside the fear of not seeing my future really clearly, and really live the " let God guide me' experience. I am nervous, but I am psyched at the same time. I am going to learn these facets of glass blowing that I really appreciate.
Right now I am going with a Nortel Red Max with a secondary surface mix. I have acquired my work bench, and am deliberating between buying a starter kit of supplies or shopping around for individual pieces. I just found some great flame worked marbles, and am really beginning to have a good collection of bookmarks on the subject.
I am going to focus on three types of projects:
Paperweights and window pieces
& Marbles and centerpieces.
I plan on incorporating dichroic glass in a good number of pieces and working with my three colors as a signature.

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claire said...

keep it rockin, big bro!