Saturday, January 12, 2008

Toning hearing Heaven..

A great place to find like minded community in Maryland is the Unity Center in Gaithersburg. My understanding is that it was founded by a Spanish missionary way back in the day. They offer a nice variety of classes and the community seems to vibe with light. I took several classes there, and some experiential classes and workshops, they were all chocked full of experiences, but tonight I am focusing on the Toning Circle.
When I started attending, I had little expectations, and was really open to learning about the meditation technique. The great thing about toning is that it can be very free form-like a drum circle. The energy rises and you sail through great frequencies. Toning allows everyone to connect in like mind and purpose with spirit.
the class leader, we'll call him Tom, had at least 20 years experience with toning (as of 1996), and actually produces multiple tones simultaneously while singing/chanting/toning. The energy that he helps to anchor was really fun to experience. At times I could hear ethereal trumpets playing around us, our own host of angels! Really quite amazing. There was one night in particular where I met this very interesting person who tells me they're a walk-in. Being very curious about the subject, I was very eager to talk with him.
( by the way, I'm no expert on walk-ins, this is just my experience.)
This being could read me like a book, kinda took me off guard because I hadn't talked with anyone in this class about my personal beliefs.
The first words out of his mouth were...Casey, there is something you need to know about's not so much a singular experience to strive for, as it is the path getting there.
This statement then turned into a debate over the experience vs. the path:
Well, the path leads to the singular experience.....yes, but you cant keep looking for the experience and miss the journey to do you know your soul hasn't already experienced ascension, and has come back to help others?........the conversation gets a little foggy from there, but I do believe that there was something special about that encounter.

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