Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Phoenix Lights part Deux

So it looks like another Phoenix UFO sighting gets covered up, and quickly too. Monday, April 21, 2008 right around 8pm, I get a call from a good friend of mine who has 4 UFO's hanging over his neighborhood. This sighting was witnessed by scores, if not hundreds of people.
The moon was quite full that night, so objects were a little easier to discern in the night sky. As described by Riley, there were four crafts shaped like skyscrapers or towers, with bands of horizontal red lights hovering anywhere from 400 to 1000 feet above their neighborhood. These craft were silent, and and did things that no known balloon or vehicle can do. According to eye witnesses, The craft initially couldn't be seen directly. You had to view them indirectly, like trying to see the Pleaides cluster or distant galaxy formations with the naked eye.
The four craft then kind of uncloaked like a Klingon ship. By that I mean that the space around them was very distorted and then they came into view clearly. These objects then moved into different formations: a box, a diamond or arrow, then a triangle. I am told that two of the craft pulsated rapidly and then were gone. The two that were left conjoined somewhat and then started off in an Easterly direction across the valley. The entire sighting lasted from 8 to 15 minutes.
Our local Fox station aired a story later that night, stating that the Phoenix Lights were back again. Now, apparently, an "unidentified man" claims to have sent off flares attached to balloons with fishing wire. Here is the problem with that story: Flares give off a smoke trail, which can be seen for quite a long time after the flares are out. Also, flares don't have enough mass to be mistaken for a physical object, its just a point of light in the night sky.
Now, a supposed witness to the unidentified man, Lino Mailo has come forward saying that he observed his neighbor launching balloons ( Sky Lanterns now, not flares anymore.) from his yard. As far as my searches are concerned there is no public record of any Lino Mailo anywhere to be found except for his mention in this incident.
I feel that the cover up is on, and the media has become the helping hand. Not that this is new, It just frustrates me time and again that the truth has such a hard time coming out to the masses.
So count your lucky stars if you actually happen upon something like this yourself, and believe in your own experiences. Share them with like-minded people, and lets help the vibration of contact grow until it manifests for the whole populace ( in a very groovy way, of course).

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